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Personal training is all about helping people set and reach their health and fitness milestones. When someone seeks guidance from a personal trainer, they may be aiming to improve their general fitness, to reduce pain, to improve mobility and quality of life, or to lose weight. Nearly every gym has a very specific qualification that any personal trainer must have before they can interact with clients: certification with a recognized agency. Two of the most well-known and recognized ones are NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America). Our Personal Trainer Certification Programs at Fitness CEUs are approved by these organizations. You can rest assured that our courses meet and exceed the industry standards to prepare you in helping your clients achieve their goals safely.


Fitness CEUs is proud to be an official and approved
Continuing Education (CE) provider for NASM/AFAA. We offer several courses that you can take and use towards your CEU requirements to maintain your status as a fitness trainer.


Download your CE certificate online immediately after you finish the course. It will have the information you need to make sure you get credited for the completion of your course.


Most NASM/AFAA providers require their students to pay for a membership before they can access any of the courses they have to offer. We offer our courses individually so that you can get the courses you want without getting locked into an unwanted membership!

A Career in Personal Fitness Training

Are you thinking about a career in personal fitness training? If so, you probably already have a passion for working out and developing a healthy lifestyle. Spreading your passion to others and helping them succeed in their goals is a very admirable trait of every personal trainer. You get to feel great that you’re doing good for others while maintaining your own healthy self image and being an exemplary example for all of your clients, friends and family. Make the best out of your passion and get started by getting your personal trainer certification online today!

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NASM/AFAA Approved

We have passed the strict qualifications for both NASM and AFAA. We adhere to their high standards so that we can provide the most reputable and certified fitness professionals in the industry. Our approval from NASM and AFAA demonstrates that our courses meet their rigorous requirements as an approved Continuing Education (CE) provider. You can guarantee that we offer high quality courses with detailed material and current information.

More about our Personal Trainer Certification Courses


Why is Core Training important?

The core protects your central nervous system, supports your internal organs, and helps circulate blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body. It is the link between the upper and lower body and consists of many parts and layers that make the “power house” of stability and safety. Your core houses the vital organs and is responsible for many key functions that are essential to maintaining optimal health. It is important for personal trainers and other fitness professionals to understand the principles of core training to be able to design an integrated training program properly.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • What Does the Core Do?
  • Functional Movement Tests
  • Strengthen the Core
  • Quiz

Why is Posture and Movement Assessment important?

Proper postural alignment allows your nervous system and musculature system to communicate properly to help produce effective and safe movement. It will help keep muscles at their proper length and ensure proper joint motion while reducing the risk of injury. Proper posture also helps the body produce high levels of functional strength. Without it, the body may degenerate or experience poor posture and other dysfunctions that can lead to common injuries, such as ankle sprains and lower back pain. It is important for personal trainers and other fitness professionals to understand the principles of posture and maintaining structural efficiency in order to design an integrated training program properly.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Posture
  • Static Postural Assessment
  • Dynamic Postural Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Course Summary
  • Quiz

Why is Flexibility Training important?

Nearly everyone is plagued by postural imbalances largely as the result of sedentary lifestyles, advancements in technology, and repetitive movements. Office jobs that require individuals to sit for long hours have led to dramatic increases in work-related injuries, including low-back and neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as increased rates of obesity. Clients without adequate levels of flexibility and joint motion may be at increased risk of injury and may not be able to achieve their personal fitness goals until these deficits are corrected. It is important for personal trainers to understand the principles of flexibility training to be able to design an integrated training program properly.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • What is Flexibility?
  • Planes of Motion
  • Human Movement System
  • Muscle Imbalance
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency & Mechanoreceptors
  • Scientific Rationale for Flexibility Training
  • Flexibility Continuum
  • Stretching Techniques
  • Controversial Stretches
  • Program Design
  • Course Summary
  • Quiz

Why is Cardiorespiratory Training important?

The Cardiorespiratory Training Concepts Course focuses on the cardiorespiratory system, which is comprised of the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems. Together, they provide the tissues of the kinetic chain with oxygen (O2), nutrients, protective agents and a means to remove waste byproducts. The human movement system (also known as the kinetic chain) is the primary system for movement production and is under control of the nervous system. In order to maintain a constant state of efficient operation, it needs to have a support system. One such support system is the cardiorespiratory system.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Cardiorespiratory System
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training Phases
  • FITTE Principle
  • Cardiorespiratory Training, Energy and Fat Reduction
  • Cardiorespiratory Training Methods
  • Postural Considerations
  • Exercise vs. Physical Activity
  • Course summary
  • Quiz

Why is Balance Training important?

Having great balance means that you have a strong core and good flexibility. This provides optimal sports performance enhancement, injury prevention, and quality of life. The main goal of balance training is to continually increase the client’s awareness of his/her limit of stability (i.e. kinesthetic awareness). As a personal trainer, it is up to you to provide controlled instability, which is a training environment that is unstable as safely can be and is controlled by your client.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • The Science Behind Balance Training
  • Balance and Injury
  • Importance of Properly Training the Balance System
  • Designing a Balance Training Program
  • Planning Your Client’s Workout
  • Quiz